We are committed to spreading awareness about the toxins that are in most traditional pads and tampons today.

There is a silent war going on between big manufacturing companies of sanitary napkins and women. Many women are having adverse reactions to pads whether they realize it or not. Traditional Pads are cheaply made but sold as high quality. There is definitely something going on today.We encourage you to do your research about dioxin that may be in your sanitary pads. Ask yourself what's in these traditional pads? What's this blue dye for? Why do feminine hygiene companies own or have stock in pharmacy companies that ,as women,we run to for relief when we have those painful cramps? There are a lot of things that we should know pertaining to what we are constantly coming into contact with each month with our bodies.

There is hope though! Our company produces a sanitary napkin that has Nobel Prize award-winning Graphene technology. Google it! What’s so amazing about this breakthrough technology? I will let you research it for yourself.

We firmly believe that your life may possibly improve by using our products and making better health choices for yourself and your family. Cramping may be a thing of the past. Long cycles may be a thing of the past. Are you worried about having embarrassing accidents? Are you concerned about having an unpleasant odor? Are you looking to stay cool, comfortable and dry? Are you just trying to make it to work or school and be able to just function when you get there?

Would you be willing to switch and experience a better option? Do you have a family member who suffers in silence each month with a painful, heavy, long, and just an uncomfortable cycle? Are you that woman, teen, or young girl who is suffering each month, like I was? I encourage you to drop those toxic pads and tampons now! You owe it to yourself to experience something that may be better for you and affordable. All Women and Young Girls deserve to feel confident and secure during their time of month. We deserve products that could possibly enhance our health and not diminish it. We are precious and deserve to be treated as such! We will have our cycles for a long time. We need to use something better now. Healing your Honeypot starts with you! Go ahead and click that shop now button to order your Heal the Honeypot Pads for yourself, your daughters, your sisters, your aunts, your friends, and grandmothers today.

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Our company does not make any medical claims, any suggestions of healing or curing of any current symptoms or diseases.

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