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Tina Ramsay

Tina is the Founder/CEO of Heal The Honeypot. She’s a Wife, Mother, Philanthropist, Educator, Community Volunteer, Author, A Leader for Menstrual Health Advocacy, Public Speaker, and Certified Female Wellness Empowerment Coach. Tina’s Heal The Honeypot Business or products has been featured, mentioned, or seen on the New York Times, iHeart Radio, TMZ, Roling Out Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Cosmo, People, CBS, ABC, FoxNews Affiliates, TEDx Talk, Dr. Boyce Watkins My Black World, Aunt Boo Comedy,  Growth Women’s Business Network Magazine, She Trucking Radio Show, Tabitha Brown, Karlie Redd, and DJ Richie Skye Celebrity News Commentator and many more. Tina’s Heal The Honeypot Business is also a Community Partner with the Girl Scouts of America on an Educational Initiative in support of the JFMJ Campaign. She’s also collaborating with the United States of America’s Mrs. California 2020 Tee Lee the CEO of SHE IS Foundation Network on Female Menstrual Health Awareness. Tina also received the honor of being one of the Influential Women Who Win Featured Honorees for 2020 in the #1 Best Seller Women Win Against All Odds Book.

She’s on a mission to inform and educate women and teens everywhere on the importance of Healing the Mind, Having a Healthy Cycle, Heal the Body, your Health, and Your Honeypots Naturally. She speaks from her heart and shares her personal journey to wellness after having a stroke at 25 years old that left her partially paralyzed from the waist down. But through her Faith and being educated about the foods, medicines, and products that we use in and on our bodies has helped her make the necessary changes and better decisions in regards to her health. Tina is walking again and sharing her journey to wellness and her Happy Cramp-Free Period Journey using the amazing Jewel Pads to Heal The Honeypot. Her goal is to normalize non-traditional topics that affect all females through community female wellness advocacy work, social media, and female health awareness events. Heal The Honeypot provides a platform for Sisterhood, Female Wellness Education, Empowerment, Community Volunteer Work, and support for females to connect with useful resources. We provide products and an avenue for businesses and organizations to do fundraisers, collaborations, and connections with suppliers of natural products to help you on your wellness journey under our Heal The Honeypot Brand. Heal The Honeypot is your Hub for Natural Products, Education, Sisterhood, Support, Connections,  and Overall Female Wellness Support. Our mission is shared in a fun educational way to put a smile on your face and inspire you to make the necessary adjustments to kick start your Wellness Journey.

 Welcome to our Heal The Honeypot Family!

- Tina Ramsay"