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Why you should not use Traditional Sanitary Napkins?

The Chemicals that Sanitary Napkins have in them



Tina Ramsay

My name is Tina Ramsay, I am a Community Volunteer, Public Speaker, Certified Female Life & Wellness Coach,  and the Founder of Heal The Honeypot. 

Our mission is to inform women and teens on the importance of Healing the Mind, The Body, and your Honeypot Naturally. We would love for you and your daughter to experience our wellness pad and share it with your audience.

Our goal is to normalize non-traditional topics that affect all females through community outreach, sharing in 5K run/walk, social media, & wellness awareness events. We educate on ways that you can take complete control of your menstrual cycles, your health, have a positive self-image, and how to make healthy food and product choices without the use of toxins and chemicals that can harm your body, throwing off your emotions and your health. We bring to light whats in most of the feminine hygiene products out today that may be causing harm to your bodies. 

We share our mission in a fun but educational way to women and teens everywhere in all settings. We Empower, We Educate, We have fun, and We Motivate All Females to take complete responsibility and control of their minds, bodies, health, and especially their Honeypots Naturally. Women and teens are suffering in silence every day so we are determined to change that through education and humor.

- Tina Ramsay"

Our company does not make any medical claims, any suggestions of healing or curing of any current symptoms or diseases.